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Yellow Jackets, Wasps & Bees A Threat in Late Summer & Fall

The late summer and early fall are popular times to spend outdoors at barbecues or completing home maintenance projects. It is also the season that stinging insects - including yellow jackets, wasps and bees are most active and aggressive, leading to an increased number of stings. The National... more
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Keep Carpenter Bees Away

If you have not had a problem with carpenter bees in the past, hopefully you can keep it that way by following these steps. Assess your exposed wood, look for any divots or areas that could be seen as potential nests.  Keep a special eye out in areas that are well sheltered, like under an... more
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The Amazing Health Benefits of Local Honey

The medicinal benefits of honey & pollen & beeswax have been recognized since the time of the Greeks. Local honey can provide relief from seasonable allergies. Consider the logic: the bees are collecting nectar from the very plants that are making you sneeze and sniffle, and so with honey... more
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Fun Facts About Bees

You know that bees pollinate our crops and give us honey. But there's so much more to these buzzing insects than that. Their sting has some benefits A toxin in bee venom called melittin may prevent HIV. Melittin can kill HIV by poking holes into the virus's protective envelope. (Meanwhile, when... more
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Green Pest Control Treatments

If you are concerned about the environment, public health issues, have family members or co-workers who are chemically sensitive or are just fearful of the host of health threats posed by pests and rodents, A1 is committed to providing the best and most up-to-date Eco-friendly pest management... more
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Wasps Emerge in Spring

You’ve seen one or two wasps. Before you freak out and gear up to go destroy the nest, make sure the problem is serious. They may be passing through, or their nest may be too far to bother you on a regular basis. Make sure by checking on the signs that you have a wasp infestation! Season: From... more
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Active Spring Pests

Many pests will be becoming active early this year due to the mild winter. Here are a few tips on keeping them away from your house. Moisture is a main component of the spring. Heavy rains, water from snow runoff and rising ground water levels can lead to damp basements. Roof leaks, leaky... more
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Bed Bugs During Winter Months

It’s cold outside, but you’re nice and warm inside and not worried about bugs in the winter months.  However, pest control is just as important in the colder months than it is in the summer months. Even bed bugs don't disappear during the cold season.  Which is just one more reason bed bugs... more
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Wasps Build Rainbow Nests

Wasps. Few people like them. Mainly because they’re not very friendly. But not all wasps are aggressive. Some of them are gentle. Take a look at these psychedelic nests. They’re the product of an experiment conducted by Mattia Menchetti, a biology student at the University of Florence. He... more
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Hornets in Fall

Hornets, bees and wasps are all getting ready for the first frost.  This time of year, they are busy gathering food for themselves to survive. If you come across a hornet nest in the fall don't assume they are all gone due to the cooler weather.  Do not try to remove a nest yourself.  Hornets... more
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