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Bed Bugs Are Still A Threat

A recent survey shows bed bugs are still a major travel threat. According to the survey, 99.6 percent of respondents have treated for bed bugs in the past... more
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Do You Have Bed Bugs?

You may have bed bugs and not even know it! 50% of people who have a bed bug infestation don’t know it. Everyone's body is different and responds to at bed bug bite differently. Some bites aren’t even noticeable and other bites take up to 2 weeks to show up on the skin. It’s a good idea to... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday – Herbal Bed Bug Spray Insecticide

This spray will act as a good deterrent for bed bugs. It can be nice to bring on vacation with you to spray your room down before putting anything on the bed or floors. 1 Cup Water 10 drops lavender essential oil 10 drops rosemary essential oil 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil 3 drops essential... more
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Check for Bed Bugs On Spring Break

When heading on vacation for spring break, be sure to check your hotel room for bed bugs before unpacking anything. Starting with the area closest to the bed, visually inspect using a good, strong flashlight. Check for bed bugs in the mattress and pillow seams thoroughly. Check for dark brown... more
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Keep Bed Bugs Away

Use these essential oils to keep the bed bugs out of your house. Pour lavender oil, tea tree oil, or neem oil into a spray bottle and spray at the base of your bed twice a day for a week. This can deter bed bugs and make your bed smell... more
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Bed Bug Prevention

Traveling over the school vacation week? Here are a few tips on ensuring you do not bring bed bugs back to your home. Inspect any room where you will be staying for bed bugs. Check the mattress including under the mattress. In hotel rooms, use luggage racks to hold your luggage when packing... more
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Bed Bugs Bite: Study Finds Budget Apartments Loaded

Stories like this one out of New Jersey can happen anywhere. If you have a rental property, contact us for a full inspection of your building or property. People living in budget apartment buildings across northern New Jersey are likely to have bed bugs and not even know about it, a new study... more
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Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

There are no residues or odors with our thermal bed bug treatment, also known as Heat Assault. Bed bug heat treatment and general pest control heat treatment are effective in one application, with most complete in just one day. Heat can also penetrate areas where traditional chemicals... more
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Recent Bed Bug Removal

A1 Exterminators was recently hired to remove bed bugs from the 11th floor of a building in Massachusetts.  Using bed bug heat treatment and general pest control heat treatments, one application is effective, most bed bug removal is complete in just one day. Heat can also penetrate areas where... more
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