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Common Pests in the Attic

House Mice in the Attic Strange sounds coming from your attic? It could be pests scratching and scurrying about! Although the attic may be merely a storage space to you, it can often be a welcoming home for animal intruders like rodents, bats and raccoons, arachnids and insects... more
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Fall Pests Not A Treat This Halloween

Rats, bats and spiders might serve as great Halloween décor, but real infestations make for a haunted house that can turn into a homeowner’s worst nightmare. These creepy pests tend to seek refuge and resources in homes during the fall, which is why A1 Exterminators are taking this Halloween to... more
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Easy Way To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes This Summer

Have you ever thought of getting a bat box for your backyard? Most people are under the impression that bats are evil creatures, but they are actually friendly and super useful. They live off mosquitoes and other bugs, so having them around will really lower the amount of bugs and allow you to... more
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Halloween Kid Craft

Looking to keep the kids busy for a little while?  Give them a pad of ink, a black pen and some googly eyes and have them make finger print spiders, bats and creepy... more
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