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Fall Bring Pests

We love the fall season, but not the pests that come with it! Have you spotted more critters making their way into your home? Share your stories with... more
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Indian Meal Moth: Hiding in Plain Sight

Fall means Halloween, apple crisp, pumpkin pies, cornucopia and harvest decorations. But sometimes the things we use to decorate our homes can harbor unwanted quests like the Indian mean moth! Indian Meal Moths can enter your home hidden inside fall decorations, pop corn and other stored... more
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Who Is That Knocking At Your Door??

Woodpeckers Drilling & Drumming In the spring and fall, hundreds of homeowners are awakened by a woodpecker drumming on metal outside their house or have become aware of holes in their siding created by a drilling woodpecker. Four New England woodpeckers are known to drill and drum on houses:... more
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Fall is the Season of Change, And Stinkbugs

By Steven Farley The brown marmorated stink bug arrived in the U.S. from the Far East in 1998, landing in the Allentown area.  The bug has no known predators and will eat almost anything that grows. It doesn’t bite humans or animals, and it causes no damage to buildings or crops, but swarms can... more
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