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Spring Bring Warmth & Ants

The weather conditions have improved so ants will be trying to enter homes in search of food and water. A1 Exterminators encourages homeowners to take proactive steps to reduce the likelihood of seeing these nuisance pests in your garage or crawling across the kitchen counter. “Ants often... more
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The Most Common Home Invader – Ants

While homeowners across the country enjoy the warm weather and the sights, smells and activities of the season, they also must contend with increased pest activity. This season, A1 Exterminators is reminding homeowners to be on the look out for one of the most prevalent pest – ants.... more
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Winter Ant Problems

Winter ant problems may be a sign that you have an ant colony living in your walls. Ants do not usually build their colony inside your home. The main ant colony is usually located outside in the ground in your yard. Foraging ants will enter your home, especially in the warm months, seeking food.... more
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Refer a Friend

When you refer a new customer to our pest control services, A1 Exterminators will credit your account $25.00 upon receipt of payment from your referral! Take advantage of this great opportunity and send us a referral today!... more
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