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Stop Bed Bugs In Their Tracks With A1 Exterminators

Bed bugs crawling all over bedding. "Bed bugs don't tickle your feet! Bed bugs go wherever there is food... You're the food! Call A1. Get pest free." [A1 Logo]
Bed Bugs Don't Tickle Your Feet. Bed Bugs Go Where There is Food. You're The Food. Bed bugs are hitchhikers they don’t necessarily need a bedroom to find a meal. They have been found in in schools, movie theaters, college dorms, nursing homes and even hospitals. Get Pest... more
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Bedbugs Can Infest Your Work Office As Well As Your Bedroom

Add bedbugs to your list of potential occupational health hazards. A new report reveals nearly half of the employees of a U.S. government office in Tennessee were bitten by the blood-thirsty invaders while at work. A bedbug-detecting German shepherd confirmed the infestation at an unidentified... more
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