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Do You Have A Carpenter Ant Problem? Not Sure, Read On!

Carpenter ants love damp climates and moist area and nest in those damp locations, like wood that has been damaged by water. They make nests in the floors or walls of your home and search for food through your home. Carpenter ants, unlike termites, do not eat the wood in your home, but are still a... more
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What's The Difference Between Moths And Butterflies?

Butterflies and moths have a lot in common, they both start their lives as caterpillars before transforming into their adult flying forms. They both eat nectar from flowers and other liquids like mineral-filled standing water and the juice from rotting fruit. The differences between butterflies and... more
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Bees and Wasps: Shape, Feeding, Nests and the Sting…

Let's look at some of the differences between the bee and wasp. Body Shape: Bees have robust, hairy bodies with flat rear legs. Wasps' bodies are slender with a narrow waist connecting the thorax and abdomen and appear smooth and shiny and have slender legs shaped like... more
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