Super Bowl Sunday!!

Yes, Super Bowl Sunday is tomorrow, and with the Patriots in the Super Bowl this year I am sure we will all be watching. But what is the thing we most of us love most about Super Bowl Sunday? The commercials!

And a surprising fact about the Super Bowl Sunday Commercials, there is more times than not, at least 1 commercial based around bugs as the selling point. That’s right, bugs; there has been talk of using insects in this year’s Chevrolet Volt Ad during Super Bowl.  What about last year, using black beetles during the Volkswagon commercial or in 2009 the insect kingdom in the coca cola commercial.

 It seems more years than not we use insects in our commercial, I haven’t yet figured out why, is it because we have all seen them, and we all know how to react to them? Yes, the polar bear coca cola commercials always reminds me of Christmas, the first time I see one I know Christmas is here, but a polar bear, most people have never really seen one, and yes, polar bears remind us of the north pole.

But insects, that is something we all have seen, in the sidewalk cracks, on your porch, in the trees in your garden and sometimes, unfortunately, in your home.

 And when you happen to see them in your home, give us a call, A1 Exterminators, we can take care of your insect problems right away.

So sit back and relax, watch our Patriots win this year’s Super Bowl, and when you are done, clean up your snacks, so those insects on the screen don’t try to find a place to live in your home. And if they do, remember A1 Exterminators.

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