Spring Home Checklist

Spring is here, even though it may not feel like it yet! It’s time to get your home and yard ready for pest invasions! Warmer weather means more pests around your home, but there are steps you can take to prevent these pests.

Ant Control A1 ExterminatorsSeal All Cracks
Roof, skylight and window leaks are all common places where carpenter ants will go to nest in search of moisture that is caused by leaks, so keep an eye open for all signs of cracks, mold, moisture and rotted wood. Don’t forget the basement!


A1 Exterminators Termite Pest ControlTrim Bushes & Branches
from the home to prevent easy access for pests to move indoors. Also, remove rotted tree stumps and keep mulch at least 15 inches away from the home’s foundation. These can be magnets for termites.


Spider Control A1 Exterminators

Check Your Storage Spaces
Remove or eliminate any clutter. This may have become hiding places and homes to lots of insects, especially spiders.


Mosquito Control A1 Exterminators

Yard Cleanup
Insects like dark, moist spots, dead plants, weeds and fallen branches, so grab a rake and get to work, and clean out clogged gutters and downspouts to ensure they are properly functioning before the April showers. Open containers that gather water attract mosquitoes where they will lay eggs, be sure to dump any open water and keep covers on all containers. Repair fascia and rotted roof shingles as this can attract insects as well. You may also find you need to repair ripped screens, replace weather-stripping and repair loose mortar around the foundation and windows, so pests can’t get in there.

Pantry Moth A1 Exterminators

Vacuuming (Spring Cleaning)
You need to remove any possible food crumbs that could be living inside your sofas or under your carpets. Under radiators, lamps, small corners of the wall you can’t quite reach. As well as the corners on the ceiling you don’t normally reach. Clean out your pantries and cupboards form spills and crumbs, this is where lots of food collects. Be careful of pantry moths that can be coming into your cupboards through flour and other packaging.

Silverfish Pest Control A1 Exterminators

Bathroom Cleanup Essentials
Many pests like cockroaches and silverfish are attracted to moisture. Eliminating sources of water in the bathroom is a good way to prevent pest infestations, especially because this pest can only survive for one week without water. In addition to washing the shower curtain and liner, and cleaning out the medicine cabinet, you should check under the sink and around the tub and toilet to ensure there are no moisture issues from leaky pipes or faucets.