How To Spot Bunny Nests In Your Lawn

Many people have been finding wild rabbits in their yard.  Nests are sometimes hard to find.  Here are a few things to look out for when doing yard work.

  • Rabbit nests in lawns look like a patch of dead grass. You may notice the patch seems to “move” as the baby rabbits beneath wriggle around.
  • Mother rabbits only visit their nests a couple times a day,  often in the morning and evening, to feed and check on the bunnies. This way they don’t lead predators right to their nests. Just because you don’t see a mother rabbit doesn’t mean she’s abandoned the nest.
  • You can check for bunnies by carefully peeling up the grass. It’s probably best to avoid handling the rabbits, though. As long as the rabbits look plump and are moving, they’re most likely fine. If you know for certain the mother rabbit is no longer visiting the nest, contact a wildlife rescue in your area.
  • Lawn mowers damage rabbit nests and can kill the babies. If you find one in your lawn, mark it and avoid it with your mower. Keep small children and pets away from the area too.
  • Rabbits grow quickly. Within a few weeks, they will be grown up and gone, and you can repair lawn damage if needed.
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