Sentinel Rodent Control System

A1 Exterminator’s has created a non-toxic smart system that eliminates rodents. The Sentinel Rodent Control System combines both above and below ground protection with smart technology and a RatApp for you to monitor and receive notifications of activity.

Below Ground Protection: Sentinel Sewer Rat Trap

Non-Toxic Rat Control with Smart Monitoring

Rats in the sewer system no longer have to be a ticking time bomb under food companies, sensitive production companies, or our private homes.

Our mechanical rat trap makes it possible to completely block rats’ access to certain parts of the sewer system while killing invading rats. This creates an opportunity for a completely new and much more strategic approach to rat control than before.

A1 Smart Sewer Rat Trap

Above Ground Protection: Sentinel Surface Rodent Trap

Humane and Reliable Rodent Trap

Protect wildlife from secondary poisoning and strengthen your company’s green profile with intelligent and non-toxic pest control.

The A1’s Sentinel Rodent Control System is an effective rat trap that kills both rats and mice in a humane and non-toxic way. The rat trap is built into a steel box and can function independently, with or without a ground spike, or mounted on a wall. The steel box is weatherproof and is locked with the associated key to prevent injury to other animals or people.

When the rat or mouse goes up into the trap, a CO2 cartridge is activated, which triggers a piston, which kills the rodent using compressed air. Each CO2 cartridge contains enough compressed air to exterminate approx. 80 rats or mice.

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