Rodent Tip Tuesday |Squirrel tips and hints

  • Never attempt to handle an adult squirrel as they are excitable creatures and handling causes intense stress. A stressed squirrel may bite or scratch.

  • Be sure to seal up any openings that lead to your attic or underneath your house.
  • Trim branches at least 10Ft away from your house . Squirrels use branches as their “freeway” system of travel and can jump from branches to your roof.
  • Make sure your chimney opening on your roof is covered by wire mesh to prevent squirrels from entering your house through the chimney. If a squirrel falls into your chimney, secure a heavy rope from the top of the chimney and drop it down to the fireplace. This provides a perfect escape route during daylight hours.
  • Place several ammonia-soaked rags in cans that are punctured with several holes in places such as attics or underneath houses and decks. Do not use this method if baby animals are present.
  • If you do find a squirrel has already found its way into your attic and you KNOW there are babies, please wait until they are old enough to leave before evicting the family.
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