Getting Rid of House Spiders

House Spider A1 Exterminators House spiders are a major nuisance during the fall months. And if you have a fear of spiders like me, you want to make sure you get rid of them! The best way to get rid of spiders is keeping them out in the first place.
Bushes and plants are one reason spiders find their way into your home. Trimming them back will help. Wood piled up near your house is also a way for spiders to get in. Keep wood away from the sides of your home. And if you have any cardboard boxes lying around, keep them a good distance away from your house as well. Spiders like hiding in wood piles, sheds, bushes and other dark, cool places with moisture. You can treat the cracks around your house with spider repellent or use caulking for a more natural solution. You may also want to treat your windows. You can use an easy-to-make solution that you may already have in your kitchen. Ammonia mixed with water will keep spiders from getting in through the window seal.
If you are looking for more natural ways to keep spiders out, you can try different plants that repel spiders. Spiders do not like Hedge Apples or Eucalyptus leaves. Hedge apples can usually be found in your local produce section, or can be ordered, and placed around the outside of your home. Eucalyptus leaves can be placed indoors, as well as outdoors. If you have a cat, you may also be in luck. Cats are also a good deterrent for spiders, insects and rodents alike.

Spiders have been a major problem this season. If you need a pest professional, call A1 Exterminators for personal, dependable service #800-525-4825.

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