Preventing a bee sting

The first line of defense in preventing a bee or wasp sting is to simply stay away from them. The obvious things you can do during prime honeybee season is to avoid wearing strong perfumes that attract them. Also, if you don’t want these insects near your porch, then choose flower varieties that don’t have a potent smell to attract them. Never leave your drinks outside and uncovered. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they see a bee is to panic. If you start screaming and waving your arms running, then you can frighten the bee too. A frightened bee or wasp will sting in defense. The best thing to do if a wasp or sweat bee comes near you is to stand still. If they see you are no threat, then they will go away. Have you ever seen someone covered in bees on a reality show? They walk away with very few stings. The reason is that bees can land on your body and never sting you if you don’t move. The movement is what makes them feel threatened.

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