Prevent a Spring Termite Invasion

Moisture from rain or snow can attract termites, which will emerge in full force before we know it in the spring. Here’s how you can prevent a termite invasion before the season begins.Preventing termites from accessing your home and treating known termite colonies is your ultimate termite control.
 Help to Prevent Subterranean Termite Infestations?

  • Remove Access
    • Seal gaps around water and gas lines where they enter your home to help eliminate entry points.Termite Damage Graphic A1 Exterminators
    • Wood-to-ground contact is a common access point for subterranean termites seeking entry into your home. Where possible, try to reduce wood-to-ground contact. In addition, you also can treat wood to make it unattractive to termites.
  • Reduce Food Sources
    • Throw out extra cellulose materials around your house, such as in crawlspaces. Replace landscaping mulch with cellulose-free alternatives or move it back at least six inches from your foundation.
    • Make sure wooden siding is at least six inches above the ground.
  • Reduce Excess Moisture
    • Make sure water does not pool around the foundation of your home or on your roof.
    • Address moisture problems in basement and crawlspace areas.
    • Fix leaky plumbing, faulty gutters and air conditioner condensation lines that may be dripping.
  • Monitor for Activity and Adopt Prevention Techniques
    • Inspect lumber: especially used lumber and railroad ties for termites before using it in home or garden projects.
    • Our professional technicians can recommend prevention techniques around your home, which could include monitoring stations and treatment options.  Proactive treatment can help protect your home against future infestations.
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