Prevent roaches, mice, and rats by following these simple tips

Pest –Proof  Your Food

  • Store all boxed or loose food in containers that seal tight – plastic, glass or coffee cans with lids.
  • Store as much food in your refrigerator as you can, especially foods you keep for a long time, such as flours, rice and nuts.
  • To store large bags of pet food, use a metal garbage can with a lid.

Manage Your Garage

  • Use garbage cans with tight-fitting lids (metal ones are best) for garbage and recycling.
  • Clean them often, inside and out.
  • Rinse recyclables before throwing out in designated bins.
  • In apartment buildings, put tied up garbage bags down the chute or bring them to the building’s trash bins every day.
  • Bring garbage cans or bags to the curb as close to pick up as possible. Leaving them out overnight invites rats.


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