Possible Mental Effects of Bedbugs

Bed bugs can cause all sorts of problems, a really big one that can affect anyone in the house are psychological effects. Mothers, fathers and even children can suffer from anxiety and embarrassment due to bed bugs.
The Psychological Effects of Bed bugs
One of the worst things about having a bed bug infestation is the lasting psychological effects it seems to have on many people.  In fact, since bed bugs aren’t proven to pose a physical threat, considering not many people have severe allergic reactions to their bites (prompting medical attention), and they are not known to carry diseases transmittable to humans, the main threat they pose is psychological to people. Yes, their bites are very itchy but mosquitoes don’t seem to have the same effect to people’s emotions.  However, this does not make the experience of having a bed bug infestation anything less than terrible.
One of the first psychological effects that bed bugs will have is a deep sense of anxiety. Having bed bugs is a huge hassle, and there is much anxiety involved with the breaking up of your daily routine to incorporate a huge overhaul of your entire home.  Not to mention the hours spent cleaning, laundering, packing things up and throwing other things out is exhausting and can be emotional too. This is an extremely stressful event as it’s in no way planned.
Remember when you are stressed to take care of yourself. Try to see or call friends and reach out for support.
Shame and Embarrassment

There is a stigma attached to having bed bugs, as it is perceived as affecting poor or dirty neighborhoods.  Bed bugs have nothing to do with you (they just happen to like your blood). The only thing that is shameful when it comes to bed bugs is if you fail to act on an infestation and allow it to get out of control. So, if you are dealing with a bed bug crisis in a responsible manner and keeping your cool, you should be very proud of yourself.
“Crawling Skin” and “Phantom Itching”
A common symptom during and after a bed bug attack is the sensation that you have something lightly crawling over your skin. You are not going crazy…this is tends to happen to many people. Anxiety itself is a trigger for the sensation of your skin crawling, particularly at night. Add this to the fact that the anxiety is caused by something creepy-crawly only adds to the sensation. If this sensation persists repeatedly for an extended period of time (more than a week) you should definitely make an appointment with a doctor.
Even months or years after an infestation has been treated, the paranoia that bed bugs will return lingers with many people. Frantic under-the-bed checks looking for bed bug carcasses, inspecting every speck of dust on the mattress, and cautiously killing every minute thing that moves.  Being cautious is fine, but it should not take over your life. Take a step back and see if you are acting irrationally. There are support groups for people who have or have had bed bugs. Many people have a bed bug paranoia.
These tiny vampire bugs are still around, attacking at night when you can’t fight back. The worst thing is it doesn’t affect only your skin and beds, it affects you mentally, they attack you in a way you may not know how to take care of. It is important at the first signs of bedbugs to call your exterminator to take care of them immediately. A-1 Exterminators are located all throughout Massachusetts, so they can take care of your bed bug issues no matter how far you are. Don’t wait; call us before you have any of these symptoms.

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