Pests in the Living Room

The living room can play host to a number of different activities and, as a result, can also play host to a number of different bugs. A popular family gathering spot, there are ample opportunities for pests to gain entry and a number of reasons for them to stay once they get situated in the living room.

Ants and Flies in the Living Room

Whether it is a snack during a movie or dinner while watching the family’s favorite show, pests like ants and house flies are happy to join in as well and finish off any leftovers. Argentine and pavement ants have been known to eat meats, bread, oils and fats, while odorous house ants prefer sweets. House flies are a little less picky, feeding on a wide variety of human foods and liquids.

Bed Bugs in the Living Room

Bed bugs, despite their name, can also be found in living room furniture. Known for being skilled hitchhikers, these bugs can catch a ride on clothing or personal items, traveling from places like schools and hotels right into living rooms. Once hidden within the couch cushions, bed bugs will wait to feed on anyone dozing off during a late-night movie. Remember, it is a person’s steady stream of CO2 that draws them out and indicates a meal is nearby.

Other Pests in the Living Room

Other occasional invaders like ladybugs, carpet beetles and stink bugs can make their way into living rooms, which are typically located on the first floor, near the front door and tend to have multiple windows and other entry points. Ladybugs and stink bugs can usually be found nearby windows and doors, while carpet beetles will venture further into living rooms to dine on pet hair, dead insects and woolen fabrics.

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