Bug Tip Tuesday | Pests in Firewood

Many people enjoy having a wood-burning stove or fireplace in their homes for the warmth, comfort and homey feel it can bring, especially in the cold of winter. But the firewood that is brought into the home for that fire isn’t always quite as comforting, as there are a numerous household pests that can be carried in with the firewood.
Thankfully, control of firewood pests is primarily a matter of correctly storing the firewood outdoors and taking a minute or two to check it before you bring it into your house.

  • Store firewood away from buildings.
  • Stack firewood off the ground.
  • Store firewood away from trees.
  • Never stack firewood indoors.
  • Practice FIFO: First In/First Out.
  • Use only local firewood.
  • Eliminate surface pests.
  • Burn firewood immediately when brought indoors.
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