The Pests You May Encounter While Camping

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Camping is a lot of fun and for families it can be the go to vacation. The only issue with camping are the pests that like to join you from time to time. Here is a list of some of the pests you may encounter and how to help protect yourself from them. You may or may not see all of them, it all depends on where you are going, but knowing what pests you may find and how to prepare for them can help you have a more enjoyable camping vacation.


  • Mosquitoes: Not only are they one of the most annoying pests, the carry diseases and can disturb your whole vacation if you have not prepared for them. Citronella candles can help to keep them away from the area, but you will have to also apply a mosquitoes repentant to you body as well.
  • Ticks: Some species of ticks carry Lyme Disease, so it is best to be safe, you don’t want to risk anything. Wear hats, long clothes, use repellents even on your clothes, avoid walking through tall grass and inspect yourself and children often. If you find one, remove it immediately. And don’t forget your pets, if you are camping with the family dog, ticks love them, so inspect for ticks often.
  • Snakes: Learn how to identify the poisonous snakes and what to do if one bites you, but  a general rule of thumb, avoid all snakes while camping, you never really know if they are safe.
  • Chipmunks, Raccoon’s, Skunks and Birds: These creatures of the night are out to steal your food and cause general dismay at your campsite. Although they are cute to look at, they are still wild creatures. Observe them from a distance, and don’t leave food out where they can get into it. Take trash to the dump every single night and keep open food in your vehicle locked up.
  • Poison Ivy or Oak: This one stinks, once you come in contact the rash can develop and spread, it’s not like a bug bite that itches and may swell, they don’t spread, but this, can spread like wildfire. Learn what the plants look like before you go, you could be walking around in poison ivy or oak and not even realize it. Should you come in contact with the plant go wash you skin immediately with soap and cold water, and wash hands thoroughly, if you develop a rash, use a topical solution like calamine lotion.

With this information and tips you should be able to have a wonderful camping experience, so enjoy!

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