Why Pest Control is Important in the Winter

Just because it’s freezing outside doesn’t mean you should skip your pest control service. I know, pest control in the winter? Now is probably one of the most important times for pest control.
This is the time of year that we focus on inspections and treatments inside your house. Having us come into your home in the winter months, helps prevent and identify issues before they become a bigger problem.  Remember, it is always warm inside your home.
Having a winter inspection, can be critical because damage from termites and carpenter ants cannot be seen from outside. Having a through interior inspection at least once a year can keep you on top any issues that may arise.  Finding evidence of any insect problem as soon as possible is a crucial part of any pest control.  The sooner they are found and treatment is started the less damage they can cause.
mice_rats A1 Exterminators Since your home is a nice warm environment, some other bothersome pests are also a concern for home owners.  Mice and spiders are the most popular winter pests that look for warm spaces during the winter months.  These winter months are a good time to clear spider webs and any eggs that may be found.  We will treat the areas so spiders will be repelled and not move in again.  Attics and basements are a hot spot for most types of rodents.   We will carefully inspect those areas since they are the most common places to find mouse activity.
Attics are an important place to treat in the winter months.  Many insects will enter your home in the fall when the temperatures start to drop.  Insects such as ladybugs, cluster flies, box elder bugs and carpenter ants will lie dormant until the warm months are back and spread into the living areas of your home.  Having your attic inspected yearly can help prevent this from happening in your home.  No one wants to wake up to a room full of lady bugs in the spring!
In any case, winter is our chance to get your house ready for spring. We can help in the identification of any pests and their entry points. Pest control should be an important part of your overall home maintenance. Our year round pest control program includes a comprehensive winter service which will be preformed by one of our specialists.

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