Over Wintering Rodents

Winter pests including rodents will be searching for warm spaces to spend the harsh winter season.  Here are a few tips on where to check to see if you have any unwanted pests finding warmth in your home.

  • Rodents are still coming in and are active. Listen for noise in the walls and look out for droppings or chewed food wrappers found in rooms where you didn’t leave food.
  • Areas most likely to have mice are the kitchen, basement near the furnace or the garage, where they can stay warm.
  • A mouse only weighs about one ounce so it loses its body heat fast. Because the furnace and the kitchen are often only a few feet apart, it’s easy for a mouse, with it’s short range of about 10 feet, to grab food in the kitchen and go scurry back near the furnace.


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