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Like any large investment there are certain maintenance tasks that you should do to keep up. Pest Control is one of those! We are offering $25.00 off any of the following services if you sign-up as a new customer.Pest Prevention Plan

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These are the plans we offer:

Pest Prevention Plan

On-Going Pest Control to Protect Your Home & Family

We have been successfully exterminating uninvited guests, like insects and rodents, from homes for over 64 years. The plan is year round, click to see the pests covered under homeowners pest prevention plan.

The Sentricon® Plan

Monitor, Bait and Eliminate

Sentricon® is a patented and proven termite elimination system that provides a continuous perimeter defense to kill termites and their colonies well before they make your home their home.

It’s Your Yard. Mosquito & Tick Program

Our Seasonal (April – October) A-1 Mosquito and Tick Program is safe for people and pets.

Please fill out the form so we may contact you with details on starting your plans. A1 Exterminators treatment program includes one treatment every four weeks, typically beginning in April throughout October for an average of 7 applications per season. Applications consist of treatments to the established perimeter of the property to control mosquito and tick activity throughout the season. Treatments consist of applications to the foliage and harborage areas for ticks around the perimeter of your yard. Our treatment will help to control adult mosquito and tick activity throughout the season.


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