Monitoring and prevention bed bugs

All state facilities should have a pest management plan in place, including a contract with a pest management professional that can conduct monitoring for bed bugs and other pests. A permanent inspection and monitoring program for bed bugs and other pests may be necessary to prevent any bed bugs introduced by employees or visitors to office buildings from spreading.

Prevention and monitoring methods methods for pests, including bed bugs, typically include:

  • Reducing clutter in in offices/cubicles that can provide harbor-age for pests
  • Using glue board or other traps to monitor for pests
  • Keeping records for all pest sightings (e.g., date, location)
  • Identifying all pests by a pest management professional
  • Inspecting areas where pests are sighted
  • Physically removing pests through cleaning

In the experience of the DPH, if bed bugs are confirmed in an office space, use of pesticides promptly and comprehensively is necessary for eliminating them.  Several cycles of cleaning, inspecting, and pesticide application may be necessary to eliminate bed bugs.  Maintaining a pest-free environment requires the commitment of both building management and occupants.

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