Mice in the House

Do not be fooled by their cute and fuzzy faces: Mice are not creatures you want in your house. It’s one thing to see a little field mouse scurry down a path in a park, and another thing entirely when they’re chewing your furniture, leaving droppings all over the kitchen or gnawing electrical wirings in your walls. Not to mention that rodents in general are harbingers of many diseases. They’re also clever, resourceful and difficult to get rid of.

My parents’ house has recently become the unfortunate host to these abominable critters, so we’ve been dealing with this nightmare first-hand. The experience has taught me that any home can become potential nesting grounds for rodents. They’re just looking for a safe spot that offers warmth and food. While that’s great for them, it’s frustrating and unsanitary for us. Here’s what to do about it.

By: lifehacker.com

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