Massachusetts Most Common Pests

There are close to twenty documented mosquito species in eastern Massachusetts alone. These pests tend to live near standing water because that’s where they breed. Mosquito populations are constantly tested for diseases like West Nile, Triple E and most recently the Zika Virus. Preventing mosquitoes is vital to getting the most out of the Massachusetts summer.

  • Be sure to treat any standing body of water.
  • Clean your gutters to eliminate nesting grounds.
  • Treat your property with our protection plan.

Like mosquitoes, ticks are carriers for all sorts of harmful viruses. They live in heavily wooded areas and tall grass, so be aware when you decide to hit the great outdoors. Contrary to popular belief, only a select few tick species actually bite humans. The Deer Tick, American Dog Tick and Lone Star Tick are all carriers that bite and are native to our area. To lower your risk of playing host to these pests:

  • Keep your lawn maintained and treated.
  • Eliminate any plants that you notice are attracting deer or other mammals to your property.
  • Check yourself, children and pets shortly after coming indoors.
  • Shower within the hour.

Yellow Jackets
Have you ever been told that a bee sting is fatal for the bee? That does not apply to the yellow jacket species and that’s why they’re so dangerous. They’re not selective, anything sturdy enough to hold their nests can serve as a temporary home for these harmful pests.

  • Do not try to eliminate the nest on your own, be sure to call the professionals at A1 Exterminators.
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