Make A Snack Time Puzzle

Let the kids play with their food! Try getting all the ingredients cut up and see if the kids can put it together to look like a bumble bee.

1 yellow plum
A handful of black grapes
2 apple slicesBee Snack A1 Exterminators
1 baby carrot
2 black currants
2 Honey-Nut Cheerios
A handful of Honey Kix Cereal

  1. Slice the yellow plum in half and place half the plum on a plate for the bee’s head. Place 2 black currants on the yellow plum for eyes. Slice 2 thin slices off the baby carrot and place these thin slices above the yellow plum for antennae. Place 2 Honey-Nut Cheerios above the antennae.
  2. Slice a handful of black grapes in half. Grab some Honey Kix cereal and make alternating stripes of Honey Kix Cereal and sliced black grapes to make the bee’s body. Add a tiny slice of black grape at the bottom for the bee’s stinger.
  3. Slice your 2 apple slices into moon shapes and place 1 slice on each side of the bee’s body for wings.


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