Keeping Your Belonging Safe From Pests During Storage

Before sending your items to a storage unit, take a few moments to ensure your items will return just as they went in.  Taking a few precautions for the items that are worth storing can ensure your piece of mind.  Here are a few tips on what to check before putting your items in a storage unit.

  • Clean and vacuum all furniture before moving it into a storage unit.vermilion-storage-units
  • Just like your furniture, be sure to thoroughly clean all your appliances before going into storage.
  • Mothballs really work.  Placing mothballs in boxes and containers of clothing can keep insects away.  Be certain that they are not directly touching your clothing as they can cause stains.  Cedar scented blocks and also be a great idea when storing clothing and household items like blankets and towels.
  • Ant and roaches can also enter your storage unit.  Putting roach and ant bait in the corners of can help prevent them coming into your unit.
  • Mouse and rat baits and traps are also a reliable source to keep critters at bay.  However, be sure you can check these traps regularly.  If one snaps, it will not be useful until it has been reset.
  • Before moving anything into a storage unit.  Take a good look around and check the entire unit from top to bottom for holes and cracks.  Seal anything you find.
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