It’s Moth Season

Fall is the prime season for moths.  Since many homes now have walk-in closets, this give moth far m ore space to access clothing and remain hidden. Here are some tips on keeping moths at bay this season.


The best thing you can do to prevent a moth attack is to put your clothes away when they are clean. Larvae gravitate towards grime as it’s higher in protein-rich nutrients.

Deter them by emptying your closet and washing everything. If something can’t be washed, get it dry-cleaned. Clean out the inside of your closet, too. Take everything out, vacuum and wipe the insides.

Moths lay most eggs in the carpet so destroy them at the source by moving furniture and vacuuming in all crevices.

A moth’s life cycle can be anything from 55 to 90 days so give your home and clothing a thorough clean every month or two — or they’ll come crawling back. Make sure you empty the vacuum cleaner bag or they’ll hatch there, too.


This really works, for clothing that can’t be washed, such as leather or fur, put it in the freezer.

It doesn’t damage clothing at all. You will need to do it for at least 72 hours to kill all moths and eggs. Put clothes in individual plastic bags first —you don’t want moth eggs in your food — then take them out and hang them to air dry.


Not for the faint hearted, but you could try exterminating moths from garments by putting them briefly in the microwave.

A study for the American Journal Institute for Conservation found that all moths, larvae and eggs could be killed when 10 per cent wool fabrics were microwaved for three minutes at 2450MHz microwave radiation — the frequency of modern microwave ovens.

If you have a large moth infestation, contact us for a property inspection.

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