Insects Wings Found to Have Natural Antibiotics

Cicada wings used as antibiotic to kill bacteria A1 Exterminators Scientists have discovered that cicadas, a locust-like insect, have wings that naturally kill some bacteria on contact. This could potentially be used to keep public surfaces, like handrails, clean.

The clanger cicada keeps bacteria away because of the small spikes that kill bacteria by ripping them apart on contact. Scientifically speaking, the spikes are a layer of nanopillars, which cover the span of the wing’s surface. The bacteria lands, sticks to the spikes, and sinks into the crevices between them; it tears if the strain is too much.
This cicadas’ wings is one of the first surfaces in nature that have such an incredible power. A power that could potentially be used to help kill bacteria on public surfaces by incorporating the nanopatterns from the insect’s wings into the design of the new surfaces.
Full Article on Yahoo. More information on PubMed.

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