Indian meal moths

It is common in ordinary households to experience the occasional uninvited pest. Ants, flies, spiders, stinkbugs and many other types of insects all wreak havoc on homes by causing damage to building structures and eating human and pet foods. These pests can be a severe nuisance in the home and can be very difficult to control or get rid of entirely. One such prolific pest is called the Indian meal moth, which is usually transported into the home from food purchased at the grocery store.

Indian meal moths are small winged pests that are multi-colored but primarily a pale grey color. They typically reside and reproduce indoors, primarily within food packaging in kitchens, stores selling food and industrial food processing plants. They are known to cause severe damage to food, spoiling it as it becomes infested. Indian meal moths are reported as pests in households, grocery stores and food processing companies all over the world.

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