How to prevent a roach infestation

Cockroaches are attracted to moisture, so cutting down on your home’s overall moisture levels can help control potential infestations in the future. You’ll also want to avoid leaving water out — dog bowls, half-empty cups, etc. — and be careful to wipe down any wet surfaces, like your tub or kitchen sink.

Beyond that, other measures to prevent a cockroach infestation include:

  • Practicing proper food hygiene: Roaches are usually looking for easy food sources, like food scraps on the counter, in the garbage can, or on dirty dishes. Pet food, crumbs on the counters and floor, and open bags of food in the pantry can also be attractive to roaches, so be sure to tidy up after yourself and store your food in tightly closed containers.
  • Closing any gaps and entry points to your home: Cracks under doors, around windows, or in walls are all perfect entryways for cockroaches, and you’ll need to plug them up if you want to keep future infestations at bay. Caulk can help with the walls and floor, while weather stripping can do the job under and around doors.
  • Throwing away those stacks of old papers or boxes: Old cardboard boxes and papers are breeding grounds for roaches, especially if they’re in moist or humid areas, like a garage or attic. If you need to store stuff in these places, use plastic tubs or containers, and seal up old paper in airtight plastic baggies just to be safe.

You should also be on high alert for any plumbing issues. Even a small drip under the sink can attract pests, so watch for signs of leaks and water damage, and call in a plumber if you think there might be an issue.


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