How To Get Rid Of A Squirrel In Your Roof

Your first indication that you have an animal living in your roof may be the noise it makes when it moves in the rafters. If it has been there for a while, you may get a smell of urine and feces, especially in hot weather. There is no question that you need to have it removed from your house. The only question is how to get rid of it. You may get all kinds of advice from everyone you ask about this. Most information is well meant but useless. Strobe lights have been called a great exterminator of squirrels and there are instances where this method is quite successful. Powerful smelling deterrents such as ammonia or items you may find in the garden center of your local department store are also worth a try. To use something like this you will want to place the foul smelling substance around everywhere but the exit/entrance hole. This will induce the squirrel to move away from the harsh smells to the outside. Once this is done you can cover their doorway and have a squirrel-free roof. To prevent their re-entrance inspect your roof for any areas they may be entering your home and fill these in.

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