Health Risk Associated with Rodents

Staying healthy in the winter months is an on-going battle. You don’t need the extra stress of other potential health concerns. Especially now with all the crazy stuff going on in our Country.  However, homeowners may be faced with potential health concerns caused by rodent infestations. A1-Exterminators warns that mice and rats can pose serious health and property risks once inside the home.
The accumulation of rodent feces can spread bacteria, trigger allergic reactions in humans and cause diseases such as salmonella and Hantavirus. Rodents also gnaw through electrical wiring, in some cases sparking house fires.mice-bathrobe-web-ad A1 Exterminators
“The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) reports that rodents invade an estimated 21 million homes in the United States every winter, threatening the health of families and damaging property through their gnawing and nesting habits,” said , for the . “Moreover, these pests can enter a structure through very small openings, making it easy for them to find a way indoors and quickly cause a full-blown infestation.”
The NPMA encourages homeowners to look for the common signs of rodent infestations including:

  • Droppings. Typically left behind in kitchen cabinets and pantries, along walls, on top of wall studs or beams, near nests, and in boxes, bags, old furniture and other objects.
  • Noises. Rodents often make scurrying sounds most often at night as they move about and nest.
  • Gnaw marks. New gnawings tend to be rough to the touch and are light colored.
  • Tracks/footprints. These along with tail marks are easily found in areas where the rodents travel.
  • Burrows. Inside, rodents often nest in various materials such as insulation, and they prefer nesting areas that are dark and secluded.
  • Damaged food packages. Mice prefer seeds or cereals while Norway rats prefer meat, fish and dry dog food.

If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, it’s important to contact a licensed pest professional as soon as possible to treat the problem.  Don’t try to get rectify the situation yourself.  A rodent infestation can turn into a big problem very quickly.
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