Ground Bees

Bee live under ground. Did you know that? Many people have no idea that bees can burrow underground and make their nest in the dirt. Most people don’t even know that they are living in their back yard.
The ground bees are not an aggressive bee. They are small bees and all they need is a two inch tunnel to settle their queen. Once the queen has gotten inside the borrow, she starts making additional tunnels and make more entry ways to be ready for an easy escape if needed. She will also create some horizontal tunnels where she will lay her eggs. One egg is placeground beesd at the end of each tunnel.
Although the ground bee is a solitary creatures and do not live in colonies very long, there are many other types of ground bees. There are even some wasps that make their nest in the soil instead of in the typical tree location. Once the queen lays her eggs, the male bees usually go off on their own.
Now that it is spring, you may start to notice that there are far more bees coming up from the ground. They are all beginning to hatch and come out to do what they do best, pollinate flowers and vegetables.
These bees are not harmful but if you just don’t like the idea of bees under your feet while you’re in your back yard, you can just place a garden hose in their nest and it should wash them out and make them move their nest elsewhere. These bees can sting to defend themselves, but will only do so if they are feeling threatened. They are generally calm in nature. There are so many different types of bees in the world and ground bees only make a small portion of the population.

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