How to get rid of mice before the Holidays!

If you’re thinking, “Why now?” of all times for a rodent infestation, it’s because if you’re cold – they’re cold. Your place makes the perfect stay for the winter to nest and multiply come springtime for these pests. We’ve put together some tips to keep them out before the Holidays… 

mouse hole in the wall with holiday mouse celebrating inside

Step 1 – Get airtight

Trust us, they’ll find a way in – mice can squeeze through cracks as small as a dime! Make sure your doors and windows are sealed and any gaps and holes are filled. The first places to look are in your attic, basement, or crawl spaces. Look around pipes and wires that go into your home to be sure there are no gaps around them. Depending on where the crack is, you can seal them with steel wool, caulking, metal or concrete.

Step 2 – Tidy up

Clamp down on clutter and debris, especially anything that could be used as a shelter for mice. Cords, boxes, and piles all make great hiding spots in and around your home. Outdoor debris like stacks of firewood or woodpiles should be as far away from the house as possible. The perimeter of your property should be clear of anything that could be used as shelter. If there’s nowhere for them to hide, it will greatly improve your odds of getting pest free for the holidays.

Step 3 – Keep it clean

Food and drinks should be stored in sealed containers, and nothing should be left out for extended periods. If your mice are keen on dog or catfood, be sure none is left out and that bags of food are kept sealed.


Keep your home pest-free for the Holidays

Remember, it’s for the safety of you and your guests! “While mice depend on humans for survival, humans are at risk for disease from the mice. They can contaminate food sources with their feces and carry some dangerous diseases, one of which is salmonella. Mice can also carry parasites, ticks, and fleas onto your property or into your home. Fires can be sparked by mice that chew on electrical wires. They may even chew through wall and ceiling structures, insulation, and drywall, creating holes throughout your home. While mice look harmless, you can see that they are a potential hazard to you, your family and your property.” – Moyer Pest

Get Pest Free with A1 Exterminators

Want more pest control tips for the holidays? Read more here for more DIY mice tricks and here for our favorite mouse trap guide. Remember, though, at-home tricks are only temporary bandaids on an infestation. You’ll need professional pest control to continually monitor and control pests to get pest free for good. Hopefully, these tips can help you avoid a holiday mishap in the meantime, though. When you’re ready to really get pest free, contact A1 Exterminators here for a free quote and same-day service.

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