Get Rid of German Cockroaches

roach-300x300 A1 ExterminatorsGerman cockroaches are the most prevalent cockroaches in the United States. They live in places where food, water and shelter are abundant. Unfortunately, your home has all of these conditions and is an ideal place for cockroaches to inhabit. German cockroaches can reproduce extremely fast and cause an infestation in your home if they are not treated immediately. If you’re concerned about using pesticides in your home because of pets or children, baking soda is a nice alternative to pesticides. It’s a cheap, fast and effective way to rid your home of German cockroaches.

  • Make your own lethal bait. Stir together equal parts of sugar and baking soda in a cup. Pour the mixture in several milk jug lids.
  • Place the milk jug lids in areas of your house where you have seen roach activity. The sweet smell of sugar will lure the roaches to the bait trap and will feed. The baking soda will give them gas which will make their stomachs burst, which kills the roaches.
  • Fill several milk jug lids with water and place them beside the lids of baking soda and sugar bait. When the roach drinks the water it will react with the baking soda. This reaction is what causes its stomach to burst.
  • Replenish the water and bait as needed. It may take several weeks to kill all of the German cockroaches in your home.
  • Prevent German cockroaches from coming into your house by sealing cracks and crevices in walls and floors with caulk. Store food in closed containers, and keep your house tidy. Wipe up spills as they happen, and mop your floors regularly. Don’t leave clothes and other garments on the floor for roaches to hide in.
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