Flea Damage…affects the whole family

Fleas can cause damage to not only you, but also your pets and furniture and carpets. Fleas love making homes out of animal’s fur. They tend to hide under your dogs or cats chins, around the neck, or at the base of the tail, where your pets cannot easily reach. You can suspect your pet has fleas if they start to scratch often and the problem doesn’t seem to go away. Look in the animal’s fur near the possible infested area to see if you can spot tiny brownish-red insects moving quickly around the fur. Fleas often leave larvae in places such as animal beds or carpets where they cannot easily be found. Vacuuming the area will not terminate the larvae, due to the fleas burry themselves deep into the fibers of your furniture or carpets. Seeking professional pest control is the most efficient way to terminate any flea infestation.

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