Essential Resource for Cockroaches

Cockroaches have a waxy coating on their body to prevent moisture loss, but they still need water. One drop of water per day is all a cockroach needs. Any water or moisture will do; they can get water from condensation on pipes, small leaks, moist sponges, soaked wood and moistened food. Different cockroaches have different water requirements. Of those roach species we are discussing, the German and oriental cockroaches need moisture most frequently.

Cockroaches eat almost anything: crumbs, hair, fingernail clippings, spots of grease, soiled clothes, pet fur and dead insects (even dead cockroaches). Very small, immature cockroaches stay in hiding places and eat droppings of older cockroaches. If food becomes scarce, cockroaches will cannibalize their own young and eat egg cases. Studies have shown cockroaches eat a balanced diet whenever they can. Food high in protein or is moist, is very attractive to cockroaches. If you are leaving pet food in the dish overnight, you are feeding your cockroaches. And, feeding them well.

Cockroaches live in cracks and crevices during the day. They prefer wood and paper in their living quarters rather than metal surfaces. Their flat body allows them to squeeze into places where they can touch the surfaces above and below at the same create hiding places for cockroaches between the insulation materials and the pipes.

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