Do You Have Wasps?

wasp A1 Exterminations Do you have a wasps nest near by?
Wasps and Hornets build their nests in various (sometimes awkward to reach) places, most usually in loft spaces, but very often in garden sheds or anywhere that they can fit into where it is dry. They also build their nests underground, in old rabbit burrows or even mouse or mole tunnels.
Wasps can make their nests fit any shape.  Not all wasp nests are round like a ball, often the nests are flat and spread out.  Wasps can even build their nests in the cavities of walls, the nest then fills the wall and the wasps build the nest within the space available to them.
Why do I get a wasp nest every year?
Some people get a wasp nest on their property every year.  That is just due to the fact that your property is ideal for wasps to build their nests.  If you have a wasp nest on your property year after year, it just means that wasps have easy access to the space and it’s nice, dry and warm.  The same can be said for sheds or just about anywhere else that they decide to make their home.
If you start to see dead wasps inside your house on a regular basis, this is a sure sign that there is nest close by.  Probably on your property or your neighbor’s property. To find the nest, inspect the outside of your home paying particular attention to the roof and fascia areas and any areas or gaps where wasps could gain entry into your home.
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