Do You Have a Termite Problem?

Some people don’t know if they have termites. You can create a home test and put it in the location where you think you may have an infestation.  Termite Removal A1 Exterminators

Try this cardboard trap method to test your yard for termites:

  • Take a couple flat strips of cardboard, wet them, and stack them on one another in an area where termites are likely to be. Because termites feed on cellulose (cardboard), this makes for an excellent spot trap.
  • Leave it in place for a few days.
  • If the cardboard is infested with termites when you go back, take it out  and put it in a safe area and burn it.

If you have termites, they need to be rectified with by a professional exterminator. Contact us at 800-525-4825 for visit our termite page for more information.

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