Commercial Pest Control – Retail

Retail spaces and department stores should be a haven for customers to shop. Unfortunately, these facilities are often subject to pest infestations, especially rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs and flies, which can certainly put a damper on an enjoyable shopping experience. There are a handful of factors that can lead to an exacerbated pest problem, including frequently opened doors, cluttered storage areas and a constant flow of foot traffic on the front end. 

A1 Exterminators Retail Industry Pest Control

Similar to other commercial entities, an infestation in a retail store can jeopardize the brand’s reputation among current and prospective clientele. More so, pests can damage stock and display items, and expose employees and customers to health implications.

It’s crucial for managers of retail stores to have a plan in place in the event of an infestation. Working directly with a licensed pest control professional will help ensure that pests don’t impact the business’s bottom line.

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