The Cockroach/ Grasshopper =Leaproach

Do you see anything different from this fun new found cockroach from the other floor scurrying roaches? Because this one combines the cockroach with a grasshoppers ability of jumping! Yup, you see those grasshopper legs, you see right, now we have jumping cockroaches!
The leaping roach, discovered in Cape Town, South Africa. Jumps are powered by rapid and synchronous extension of the hind legs that are twice the length of the other legs and make up 10 percent of the body weight. But whats the worst thing about these roaches, not only can the leaproach jump, it can jump incredibly fast over impressive distances.
This leaproach can leap 50 times its body length per jump! Can you imagine that, the locust can only jump 20 times their body length for every leap they make. But to make matters worse, scientists believe this is only the beginning, they believe there are many more insects out there to be discovered with amazing jumping abilities.

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