Cellar Spider Prevention

How to Prevent Cellar Spiders

To keep long-bodied cellar spiders from entering structures in the first place, seal cracks around the foundation of homes and buildings with a silicone-based caulk. Homeowners and business owners should consider using yellow light bulbs for exterior lighting, as they may reduce the number of cellar spiders and other insects that are typically attracted to white-light sources. Additionally, it is good practice to consider using a dehumidifier in basements, cellars and crawl spaces, since cellar spiders thrive in moisture. Homeowners should also store firewood at least twenty feet from the home on a raised structure to deter spiders from hiding out in the wood. Make sure to wear gloves when moving the wood, and inspect it carefully before bringing any wood pieces indoors.

Inside, keep clothes and shoes from piling up on the floor and shake them out before putting them on. Also, consider using tightly sealed plastic boxes to store seldom-used items, such as boots, baseball mitts, skates, etc. in the basement, garage or other dark areas.

By: Pest World


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