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How often should pest control be done at your home?

Provided by CBS News "Pest control isn't done just for your peace of mind. It's vital to your health and safety, as many insects and rodents can carry diseases that are harmful to the health of your family and pets. Whether you're a renter or a homeowner, it's important to make pest control a... more

Mom of three petrified of rodents struggles with 7-year infestation

Mom of three struggles with mice infestation
Laura Clout has been living with the pests since she moved in back in June 2015. She and her three children can’t escape the rodents despite their best effort, leaving them with no internet, large bills and even affecting Laura’s health. The 37-year-old is so scared of the creatures that she... more
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NYC Mayor targets city’s rats. What’s Boston’s plan?

‘We are going to kill some rats’ said NYC Mayor Adams, unveiling 4 new rat-busting bills: "Clean streets are vital to vibrant neighborhoods and to New York City’s economic recovery." As the now second-most rat-infested city behind Chicago, ahead of New York, Boston needs a strong... more
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How Pest Control is Leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) 2023

In 2023, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to aid consumers in the pest control industry. 🤖🐀 Agrosmart's unique AI counts the number of insects caught in its traps, alerting farmers on their smartphones when they need more pesticides. Apps like Picture Insect help technicians and... more
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Mosquitoes in New Hampshire | How to Protect Yourself

Mosquito Larvae Emerging
Mosquitoes in New Hampshire ain’t nothing to mess with. With EEE, West Nile Virus, and now, the Johnstown Canyon Virus detected in New Hampshire, it’s vital we stay informed. The New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) put out a warning to NH residents against... more
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Why are bees and wasps so bad this Fall?

Bees and wasps have been especially bad in recent years. It’s not just your neighborhood, it’s all over Massachusetts. But is the Bay State really seeing an increase in their numbers? Or, are they just further encroaching on humans as weather conditions become harsher? Keep reading to find... more

‘Splooting’ is the new planking but for Squirrels

Squirrel splooting on railing
'Splooting' is all the rage this heatwave season. Squirrels are leading the trend; this controversial way of lying down is leading to animal control hotlines ringing off the hook. But just with planking, there is an air of concern surrounding splooting. Are these squirrels okay? Why are they... more
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Rodent Control | Peabody Ahead of the ‘Rat’ Pack

Rodent Control | “Like many urban areas in the Northeast, Peabody is seeing an increase in complaints related to rodent activity,” – Salem News In fact, the recent rise in rats has become statistically significant. The rodent control industry is expected to grow 5% over the next 5 years.... more

The Spotted Lanternfly ‘spotted’ in Massachusetts! Wanted: Dead.

Wanted Dead or Alive: Spotted Lanternfly
Wanted: Dead or Alive – The Spotted Lanternfly is seen in Massachusetts Don’t be fooled by its peculiar beauty, this is one nasty pest! With no known natural predators in North America, the Spotted Lanternfly has free roam for destruction. How did the Spotted Lanternfly get to... more
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