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Why are there mice in my home?

Mouse peering out of mouse hole to see mouse trap.
“Eek!” You said, as you saw a mouse scurry across the kitchen floor…  “How did a mouse get in here? Why my home?” You may be asking… These are questions we get all the time, but the answer is always the same. Mice are relentless, adaptable little creatures that will let nothing... more

Do rats still carry the plague in 2023?

The Plague – also known as the Black Plague, the Bubonic Plague and the Black Death. Does it still exist? Should you be worried if you see a rat, it might carry the plague? We dive into these questions and more in this part-history lesson, part-public health announcement... A Quick History... more
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How to get rid of mice before the Holidays!

mouse hole in the wall with holiday mouse celebrating inside
If you’re thinking, “Why now?” of all times for a rodent infestation, it’s because if you’re cold – they’re cold. Your place makes the perfect stay for the winter to nest and multiply come springtime for these pests. We’ve put together some tips to keep them out before the... more
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Do mice actually like cheese?

Mice do eat cheese, but it isn't necessarily true that they prefer or even like it. "A mouse will eat anything that has some sort of nutritional value, including cheese. However, studies show that given a choice, a mouse would pick a sweeter food choice like fruit or candy over cheese," read an... more

Are Landlords Responsible for Rats and Mice in Boston?

In Boston, and much of Massachusetts, your landlord is responsible for rodent control services (granted the infestation isn’t your fault.) Hiring pest control for rats and mice should be routine for most landlords in the 2nd-most rat infested city in the U.S., however, some may still resist. Be... more
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Mouse bites | What to do if you were bitten by a mouse

Cartoon little girl being bit on finger by mouse
Bitten by a mouse? In this article, we cover the common risks of mouse bites and what to do immediately following. If you’ve been bitten by a mouse and think you might be experiencing post-symptoms, see your medical provider ASAP.  What to do if you’re bitten by a mouse If you’re bitten... more
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Commercial Pest Control | Pest-Proofing Tips for the Fall & Winter

Rat submerged in snow pile
Four Tips To Pest-Proof Your Business For The Fall And Winter by Forbes Looking to pest-proof your business for the winter? Read these commercial pest control tips to keep your business pest-free during the colder months. Commercial Pest Control Tips 1. Identify popular pest areas.... more

How to Dispose of Mouse & Rat Droppings Safely

How do I know if it’s mouse or rat droppings/feces? Mouse or rat droppings aren't something anybody wants to find. It's too bad mice and rats can't just be toilet trained, but then again, you would still have an infestation on your hands. Read on to find out how to properly identify droppings,... more
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DIY Mice Control | How to Repel Mice with Irish Spring Soap

Irish Spring Soap box with cheese grater and pile of grated soap
Ah, Irish Spring Soap, the age-old pest control hack. DIYers swear by it, but does Irish Spring Soap really repel mice? The jury is still out on whether this pest control hack works every time. Many people report seeing mice bites in their soap, and continued infestation, suggesting the soap... more
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Rodent Control | Peabody Ahead of the ‘Rat’ Pack

Rodent Control | “Like many urban areas in the Northeast, Peabody is seeing an increase in complaints related to rodent activity,” – Salem News In fact, the recent rise in rats has become statistically significant. The rodent control industry is expected to grow 5% over the next 5 years.... more