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5 Steps To Get Rid of Hornets – Fast

[Image of rendered yellow jacket.] "Not all buzzing insects make honey, most wasps don't. Call A1. Get Pest Free." [A1 Logo].
Hornets are a dangerous type of wasp that can cause serious harm to humans. They are known to attack in large numbers and can deliver a painful sting. Hornets can also cause allergic reactions in some people. It is important to protect your family from hornets by keeping them away from your home... more
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Get Rid of Hornets & Wasps Today

[Wasp nest with eviction noticed attached] "Hornets? Wasps? Nests can hold thousands, that sting repeatedly and are aggressive. Get pest free." [A1 Logo]
Hornets? Wasps?   Nests can hold 1,000's, that sting repeatedly, and are aggressive.   Get pest free:   #A1Exterminators #Wasps #Beest #hornets... more
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Why Are Yellow Jackets Everywhere This Summer & What To Do About Them

Yellow jacket stinging person. "Watch out! A1 Pest will protect you and your family." [A1 Logo]
No one likes getting stung by a yellow jacket, but unfortunately, they seem to be everywhere this summer. Why are these aggressive yellow jackets out in full force? There are a few reasons. For one, queen yellow jackets mate and lay eggs in the spring. So, by summer, there are many more of them.... more
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Learn More About Our Pest Control Services

Our effective residential & commercial pest control and sanitizing/disinfecting maintenance programs are customized to fit your individual needs.   Learn more about us;   #A1Exterminators #PestControl #PestFree... more
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Get Your Free Estimate Today

A1 Lynn Office staff photo, eight women pictured in company attire smiling surrounding A1 Pest Control Professionals sign.
Is your Summer season leaving you stuck with bed bugs, mice, rats, bees, or wasps? Are you worried you won't be able to enjoy your life anymore because of pests dragging you down?   Fill out our quick form to get your free... more
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5 Everyday Items That Can Help Control Household Pests

Disgusting cockroach infested sink. "A1 is here to exterminate, but here are 5 items for maintenance."
If you have pests in your home, you're not alone. Pests are common in households, and there are a number of ways to control them. Pesticides can be effective, but they can also be dangerous to your family and your pets. There are a number of natural pest control methods that are safe and... more
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How To Identify Paper Wasps: Everything You Need To Know

Close-up photo of paper wasp nest with baby wasp larvae within cells. "How to ID: Paper Wasps" [A1 Logo]
Paper wasps are one of the most common types of wasps in North America. They are easily recognized by their long, slender bodies and their wings, which are darker than the rest of their bodies. Paper wasps are also characterized by their long legs, which they use to hang upside down from their... more
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