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DIY Mice Control | How to Repel Mice with Irish Spring Soap

Irish Spring Soap box with cheese grater and pile of grated soap
Ah, Irish Spring Soap, the age-old pest control hack. DIYers swear by it, but does Irish Spring Soap really repel mice? The jury is still out on whether this pest control hack works every time. Many people report seeing mice bites in their soap, and continued infestation, suggesting the soap... more
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Mosquitoes in New Hampshire | How to Protect Yourself

Mosquito Larvae Emerging
Mosquitoes in New Hampshire ain’t nothing to mess with. With EEE, West Nile Virus, and now, the Johnstown Canyon Virus detected in New Hampshire, it’s vital we stay informed. The New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) put out a warning to NH residents against... more
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Rodent Control | Peabody Ahead of the ‘Rat’ Pack

Rodent Control | “Like many urban areas in the Northeast, Peabody is seeing an increase in complaints related to rodent activity,” – Salem News In fact, the recent rise in rats has become statistically significant. The rodent control industry is expected to grow 5% over the next 5 years.... more

Green Pest Control with A1 Exterminators

Photo of tubing entering second-story window supplied by A1 Green Pest Control machine. "Green Pest Control"
Whether your concern is the environment, public health issues, have family members or co-workers who are chemically sensitive , A1 is committed to providing the best Eco-friendly pest management methods. There are a lot of benefits to using green pest control methods, but one of the most... more
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5 Everyday Items That Can Help Control Household Pests

Disgusting cockroach infested sink. "A1 is here to exterminate, but here are 5 items for maintenance."
If you have pests in your home, you're not alone. Pests are common in households, and there are a number of ways to control them. Pesticides can be effective, but they can also be dangerous to your family and your pets. There are a number of natural pest control methods that are safe and... more
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Green Pest Control: Protecting Your Home & Family with Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solutions

Photo of tubing entering second-story window supplied by A1 Green Pest Control machine. "Green Pest Control"
Green pest control is an approach to managing pests that emphasizes the use of green products and methods. While green pest control is often used to refer to the use of organic ingredients in pest control products, it can also refer to the use of natural methods to manage pests. These methods can... more
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