Butterfly Cupcakes

Spring is here! Whether you’re having an Easter brunch, a springtime get-together or a classroom party, this cute spring butterfly cupcakes recipe can definitely add a touch of spring and sunshine! The cake itself is made with a box cake, but feel free to substitute your favorite cupcake recipe.
Spring Butterfly Cupcakes Recipe

1 box Cake Mix
3 Eggs
1/2 cup Vegetable Oil
1 cup softened Butter
3 tbsp Milk
4 cup Powdered Sugar
Green Food Coloring
Flipz White Chocolate Covered Pretzels (for wings)
Bunny Mix M&M’s (for body & head)
Edible Easter Grass (for antennae)
Bake cupcakes in cupcake tins according to box directions.
Transfer to wire racks to cool.
Cream butter in a medium bowl
Slowly add in the powdered sugar, and milk as needed, until everything is incorporated and frosting is right consistency.
Add several drops of color and whip a few more minutes to get even color.
Roughly ice cupcakes to resemble grass.
Place 4 M&Ms on center of cupcake slightly on edge and overlapping to make head and body.
Cut 2 small pieces of edible Easter grass to make antennae.
Place 2 Flipz pretzels to make wings.

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