Bug Tip Tuesday | Keep Mosquitoes Away with Tiki Wine Bottles

Here is a way to combat mosquitoes, in a pretty stylish way, Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

Materials Needed to Make a Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

  • Repurposed Wine Bottle: Not only is it free, having a glass of your favorite vino while making your tiki torches may make it more fun.
  • Ceramic wine bottle cork with wicks. These can be purchases on Amazon for cheap.
  • Pea Gravel: So that you don’t have to fill your tiki torch entirely with fuel, I’d recommend that you put pea gravel at the bottom…or some other similar material.
  • Citronella Torch Fuel: Finally, you’ll need some fuel.

Instructions on How to Make a Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

This is one of those DIY projects that takes more time to gather all your materials than it does to do the project itself. Here’s all you’ll do…

    • Prep Your Wine Bottle: At the very least you should wash out your wine bottle….and if you want a cleaner look, remove the label too. You can use Goo Gone followed by some sort of scraper or just soak the bottles in water and dish soap.
    • Add the Pea Gravel: Again, just to minimize the amount of fuel you’ll use, fill the wine bottle about ⅓ of the way up with pea gravel. Or if you want to be fancy, you could use marbles or crafting pebbles.
    • Fill the Wine Bottle with Fuel: Fill the bottle with fuel… just up to about where it narrows.
    • Insert the ceramic cord with the wick: Simply insert the wick and coupling into your wine bottle….and let the wick soak up the fuel before lighting.
    • Light it Up: Now all that’s left is to light your wine bottle tiki torch and watch those skeeters run for the hills…or at least away from where you’ll be hanging out.

Original Article by: Doug Scott


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